For Yazmin Grey PhD

For Yazmin Grey PhD

Field: Social Science – Sociology

Assignment 3: TOPIC: How to resolve problems that ultimately lead to DIVORCE.


The purpose of the 12-15- page project is for you to be able to explain a social problem to a

non-sociologist using a sociological perspective. It is to provide recommendations on how to

address and resolve the problem.  


Construct a 12-15 page paper that fully explores each of the following areas:

Introduction (10%)

Within at least four pages, clearly state your topic/social problem and how it is

significant to the study of society.  Includes social concepts and theories.           


Statement of the Problem

Why it is important to study

          Purpose of the study

         Research Questions (at least 3; what are you trying to discover or uncover?)

Research Methods (10%)

Within at least 2 pages, you will explain how you obtained relevant journal articles

for your final project.

Literature Review (15%)

Within at least 3 pages, provide information on current publications about a

particular topic (no more than 3 years old). You want to be sure and include at least

6 journal articles in this section. What are the experts saying about the topic?

Includes social concepts and theories.

Discussion (findings), Recommendations, and Conclusion (30%)

Within at least six pages, discuss your major findings and interpret. First, restate the

overall purpose of the study. Then explain the main finding as related to the overall

purpose of the study. Include social concepts and theories. (3 pages)

In terms of your recommendations, you want to share practical steps that can be

taken to implement the key findings of the research study. Ask yourself, how might

you address your research questions?  Remember, your recommendations must be

supported by the findings from the data analysis (if applicable). Further, you want to

include peer-reviewed sources to validate your recommendations. (2 pages)

Be sure and include a conclusion, which is a summary of the introduction. (1 page).

Sources (15%)

            Includes at least 15 credible sources

Writing and APA Formatting (10%)

Follows writing expectations and submission is free of spelling and grammar errors.

Correctly uses APA formatting


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