About US

About US

Our company’s main objective is to provide customers with custom-written research papers and essays at affordable prices. Ninety percent of our customers come from English speaking countries.  This means that all our writers need to come from the same countries. In fact, we work with the best freelance writers online, most of them with either a degree or Ph.D. in a particular field. Although there are many websites offering writing services out there, our company stands out as one among the best for obvious reasons;



First, we always strive to balance between the requests/needs of our customers and the rights of the writers.

Secondly, unlike other writing service providers, our compensation rates are fair and transparent.

Thirdly, every aspect of our business is guided by quality, accuracy and timely delivery.

We target mostly the experienced writers who are in need of a job because excellent skills are our top priority.

All our experts are are ambitious, very hardworking and focused toward delivering quality and original papers. Our success is entirely depended on commitment and loyalty of our writers. If you are a committed and loyal writer then we invite you to apply today.

What we offer

We offer  reliable writing jobs for you on the web. If you are in need of good money then consider writing for us at the comfort of your home. Writing gives you the freedom of being your own boss.

We offer several advantages to our freelance writers.

 First, we offer writers different orders each focusing on a different topic. In addition to this, most of the assignment range from elementary 1-page informal writings to Ph.D. dissertations. In essence, you have the freedom to pick an order which matches with your qualification.

Secondly, we offer payment via PayPal which is safe and secure. With this type of payment, we guarantee that you will receive your payment instantly. Furthermore, compensation rates are fair and competitive. Unlike other companies which rely on a biding system, our compensation rates are fixed.

Thirdly, you have the freedom to take orders at the time of your choosing. Although we value committed writers, we understand that every human being has other commitments. Generally, we give first priority to all those writers who are ready to help with urgent and difficult assignments.


Things to remember


We have very strict rules for plagiarism. We don’t tolerate writers who plagiarize  work; if you plagiarize, you are out of our team. We work with those writers who produce quality, accurate and original content. We pay our writers for producing original work, period!

Similar rules apply to the late submission of completed work. Our work must be guided by deadlines. Of course, we understand some things may be out of control but it is important for you to communicate earlier. We are always ready to help provided you communicate to us before it is too late.  Our customer support works 24/7 and will most likely address all your concerns. If it happens the issue is beyond their reach, they will refer you the right person. Do not hesitate to contact us with any concern. 

If you are a great writer, and  can produce original content, we invite you to register/apply at our site.  We are looking for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.



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