“when I woke up Tuesday morning, it was Friday” by Martha Stout’s

“when I woke up Tuesday morning, it was Friday” by Martha Stout’s

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Martha Stout’s essay “When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning, It Was Friday” contains many concepts that influence how we understand ourselves. She says, for instance, that our regular memories are “subject to meaning modification by future events and through language” (421-2); she says we all have the ability to separate “the imaginative part of” ourselves from our direct experience (427); and she says that we are “extremely symbolic creatures” who interpret our experiences and connect them to other experiences in a web of symbolic thinking. For our essay, let’s put traumatic experiences aside and just consider this: How might these concepts in Stout affect our sense of personal identity?

The essay should be four pages long, double-spaced with on-inch margins. Times New Roman is the font most widely used in college. I encourage you to use it. Have a title that reflects your essay, not Stout’s, and have page numbers. Your essay should have an introduction that mentions the title of Stout’s essay and her full name. After you’ve mentioned these in the introduction, you refer to Stout only by her last name (Stout says…). You should have a thesis that specifically states your ideas about the prompt. (Take another look at the college football essay. Note the very specific terms – players, colleges and universities, conferences, networks. You need two or three terms as specific as these.) Have your thesis follow these terms, and repeat the terms in the appropriate sections of the essay.

The body of your essay should be constructed in paragraphs. Each paragraph is indented. Don’t put extra space between the paragraphs. (This is what the indentations are for.) Every paragraph explores one main idea. This idea gets introduced in the topic sentence (the first sentence) of the paragraph, and then the rest of the paragraph provides the details about that idea. You should use Stout as support for your ideas. Do not invent examples for support; take your examples from Stout. When you quote her, you should follow this model: Introduce the quotation (I), quote his text (q), cite the page number (c), describe the quotation in your own words (d), and then connect the quotation to your ideas (c). In the future, I will refer to this as IQCDC. When you write the final C, the connection to your idea, follow a 3:1 ratio; have three sentences of connection for every one line of quotation. When you quote Stout, do it like this:

Stout says, “Human beings are exquisitely symbolic creatures” (430).

Your last paragraph should be the conclusion. Since we know it’s the conclusion, you don’t need phrases like, “In conclusion.” Use the conclusion to sum up what you’ve said in the essay. Make it a thorough conclusion, a half page or so.

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