Western European and the Free Trade Movement

Western European and the Free Trade Movement

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Discipline History

Assignment type : Research Paper


Dear Writer,

You are being asked to edit one paper from 3 pages to 5-6 full pages and also write a custom six full-page essay in APA format using the required text.

Minimum of 8 pages, 9 pages are preferred.

Adam Hochschild, King Leopold’s Ghost (available online)

Marcus Rediker, The SlaveShip (available online)

Steven Tischler, MakingSense of European History to 1914 (Chapter 7 will be attached)

Two books are available online in Kindle format from Amazon for $10.00 each. I will consider this charge in your bid.

  1. Explain

how the operation of a slave ship reflected the strategies and outlook of those, who supported the goals of a market economy/capitalism.

Reading Assignment: Rediker, The Slave Ship (all)

In your essay, you should address


treatment of Africans (the “product”)


relationship between the captain (the “manager”) and the crew (the “labor



construction and function of various parts of the ship itself


kidnapped Africans resisted their captors.

  1. Examine

the impact of imperialism after 1873 on Africans and Europeans.

Reading assignment: Hochschild, King Leopold’s Ghost (all)

Tischler, Making Sense of European

History to 1914

Chapter 7

Your essay should address


myths that European elites put forward to justify imperialism to the European

population as a whole;


strategies that European elites developed to enrich themselves

the ways

industrial technology made the occupation of Africa and Asia possible

the ways

in which notions of racial inferiority were used to justify atrocities


long-term effects of imperialism on native populations of Africa and Asia

I promise to provide a 5-star rating as long as you use the primary source to answer the above questions and return the final draft by the deadline.

I greatly appreciate you.

Format APA

Academic Level: Undergraduate/Bachelor

Volume of 9 pages (2475 words)

Type of service: Editing

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