Western Civilization

Western Civilization

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pick one of these topics to write about

How geography shaped the early civilizations

The role of religion in Egyptian or Mesopotamian Society

Why some civilizations succeed and others fail

Why the Persians were able to rapidly expand in the 6th century BC

How monotheism shaped early Persian society

How monotheism shaped Greek and Roman Society

Why were the Spartans so militaristic

How geography played a role in Sparta’s militarization

Why Athens developed a democratic system of government

The role of trade and commerce in Ancient Greece

The reason for Athens’s financial success in the 5th century

Why philosophical movements gained traction in Ancient Athens

Why some Greek city-states developed one type of government while others followed a different path

Why the Persian Army failed in Greece

How Greek democracy played a role in their victory in the Persian Wars

How religion shaped Ancient Greek and Roman life

How Greek society changed in the Hellenistic period

Why were Alexander the Great’s military tactics so successful

How Ancient Greek plays shaped the political atmosphere of the time

Rome’s success in expanding in the Italian peninsula

Why Rome developed a Republican system of government

Why Rome’s political structure changed as it expanded

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