W7 Course Project (Please Read Carefully Below)

W7 Course Project (Please Read Carefully Below)

Field: Literature

Week 7 Course Project: Social Awareness Project






Read the following for this activity:






Social media has become an everyday part of our lives. We utilize these sites to pin, post, update our status profile, and keep up with friends and family members. However, utilizing any social media tool – whether Facebook, Twitter, or even a blog – can also be done responsibly and creatively.




Activity Instructions


Create a social media project designed to raise awareness around one of the central themes of the novel you selected for the Week 6 Novel Analysis Essay. The following are two examples (you are not restricted to using these examples):




One of the central themes in Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, is post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. The project could discuss the reality of PTSD, including statistics, the mental health care that former military receive upon returning home, the issues they face when they return, etc.


A central theme in the novel Middlesex is gender identity and how it forces the main character to conform to society’s standards. The project can examine gender identity in different ways – perhaps focusing on the time period of the novel or on contemporary times or how gender identity has changed over time.


These are just two examples; there are many different themes in each of these novels, so you may select something different. The point of your project is to explore these themes and share the data you have collected in your project through stories, pictures, etc.




You may use one of the following social media outlets for your project:


(use prezi and I will give you my account log in info)




Link (website): Facebook Groups


Link (website): https://prezi.com/6pxiaj8zhdn7/social-awareness-project/


You may use pictures, videos, text, etc. Be sure to make it clear to your audience why you are raising awareness for this particular project/theme and what it means to you. Review the tutorials on how to create a Facebook Group and Prezi Presentation.






If you select Prezi for your project, you only need to provide the link to the presentation. You do not need to download the presentation as there is a charge for that feature.




Review the rubric for this assignment early on to make sure you have address all criteria.




Project Requirements




15-20 posts, not including slides/posts for title, introduction, conclusion, and references


Title slide/post


Introduction slide/post


Conclusion slide/post


References slide/post


APA format for resources, including in-text citations, as applicable


Professional, collegial design


Grading and Assessment




You will be graded on creativity, readability, design, and how you incorporated the theme(s) you chose from the novel into your “real-world” awareness project. Review the Social Awareness Project Grading Rubric (in Course Documents) for guidelines.




Course Learning Outcome(s): 1, 2, 3, 4


  1. Analyze and explain the purpose of literature, including reflecting on personal connections.


  1. Move from literal to figurative interpretation of texts and consider multiple interpretations.


  1. Examine the elements of literature.


  1. Incorporate literary criticism in analysis of literature using APA format with appropriate citations

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