Use a library or pre-existing components

Use a library or pre-existing components

Format MLA

Volume of 1500 – 1700 pages (6 pages)
Assignment type : Coursework

Discussion Paper
Scenario or background information
As a member of the Australian Computer Society (ACS), you have been asked to prepare a short discussion paper explaining the virtues of reusable code in object-oriented programming. You decided to use the Popeye Marina Web Development project as a parent project plus a fictitious project for Brutus Shed Web Development where reusable components from the Popeye Marina Web Application Project can be reused.
In order to be assessed as competent in this assessment, you will need to satisfactorily perform the following tasks:
1. Identify all potential reuse components in the Popeye Marina Web Development project. For example, classes, form elements, i.e. web forms, buttons, templates etc.
2. Explain how the reusable components from Popeye Marina Web Development project can be reused
3. Explain how the development efforts can be significantly reduced using reusable components
4. Explain the issues associated with reusing code, such as:
a. Cost of implementing reuse component (NOTE: You need to provide a costing scenario clearly identifying the cost factors associated in either developing the code internally, or buying a third-party component.)
(For example, if it takes $2,000 to write code internally, how much would it cost to source code from third party libraries if a third-party component typically costs the team 1 to 20 percent of what it would cost to develop internally?)
b. Technical impact on parent project design, such as time constraints associated with learning, configuring and integrating reuse components into the current architecture.
c. Reuse component vendor licensing issues, such as copyright

Assessment Task Case Study
Scenario or background information
Popeye Marina is a privately owned corporation that rents boat slips and
provides boat services on Olive Oyl Lakes, a large inland lake located in the
Brutus area. Popeye is the largest of the three marinas on the lake. The
other two are Olive Oyl Marina and Brutus Shed. The three marinas
accommodate approximately 600 boats in slips: 450 sailboats and 150
powerboats. Popeye’s boat population is around 350 sailboats and 75
powerboats, although it plans to expand these capacities.
Popeye Marina would like to have an automated system to track their
customers, the slips they lease, and the boats in the slips. Initially, the
system will simply maintain basic information for customers, slips and boats,
and perform day-to-day business tasks. These tasks include creating a lease,
computing the lease amount for a slip, and assigning a boat to a slip. The
marina wants to use the system to search for information, such as vacant
slips and slips leased to a specific customer.
Popeye eventually wants to enhance the system so they can add boat service
records, which will help them track tasks such as hauling a boat, painting the
bottom of a boat, or working on the engine of a boat. Later, they want to add
billing features to the system. They want to be able to use the system to
generate bills for both slip leases and boat services, record payments, send
late notices, and produce accounts receivable and other accounting reports.
For now, it will help to include information on customers, slips and boats.
Six months ago, Popeye contracted the development of their proposed
system to a web design firm but they went bankrupt. The only phase
completed was the design phase and fortunately, Popeye managed to obtain
copies of the preliminary design documents (i.e. class diagrams, use cases
etc.) before they went bankrupt. They have now contracted your firm to
continue the development phase of the project.

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