Me And My Two Friends Each 2 Pages

Me And My Two Friends Each 2 Pages

Field: Science

I uploaded a file has all the details of the assingment. it is going to be 3 assignments one for me and the other two for my friends so make sure plase the works are differents and make the paper as college level not so professinoal moreover please make sure to follow the instructions. It is for our Health Eithics and behavior class it is major class. I want to mentioned couple things about the assignments.

1_on the file you will find a pic which is has the steps of the eithics two types of them the tree steps and the 10 steps.

2_numberd and tell why did you chose this case for each of us when you start writting the papers.

3_double space, 2 pages it is significant assignment. make sure to follow everything.

4_ you will see in the instrection to interviwed with any professenoal person so pick any name and tell where she or he work? let say he works at the health department in salt lake city for example.

5_there are two ways two write the assignments you can chose the 10 steps or the three decision making framework you will find them on the file pics.

6_ in each of the ways you going to chose sould be in my personal code of  ethics , my professional code of ethics , my decision.

7_ each of us has his own case study. i chose them already under each name case study wirth numbers, everything in the file. Ahmed Bader, Khalaf.

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