The Four P’s

The Four P’s

Assignment #1 – Individual

Topic: Four P’s of Marketing

Marketing 116

10% of Final Grade / 62 Marks

Introduced to Students -Week 2

Due Date – Week 4


You are the Vice- President of Marketing for Frito Lay Canada. You have just completed a market research study of the Canadian market and discovered some interesting information about the Canadian consumer.

  • Canadians are snacking more frequently.
  • Snacking is the fasting growing segment in Canada.
  • Potato chips are the fastest growing snack item.
  • Flavors are the key reason why consumers are eating more chips.
  • Baby Boomers are a target market for chips.
  • Baby Boomers want more gourmet unique flavors and healthier options.
  • Baby Boomers have disposable income and are shopping at smaller upscale grocery stores.
  • Baby Boomers like to snack, however need to watch their consumption intake.


To develop a new product plan for the introduction of a product to satisfy the Baby Boomer consumers needs. Your report must include the following:

  1. Products brand name and a detailed description of the product.
  2. The marketing plan must identify the elements of the marketing mix:
  3. Price- recommend a pricing strategy and why?
  4. Place – where will you sell the chips and why?
  5. Promotion – List the three top promotional ideas to focus on your target market and why you selected these elements.


Provide a typed report outlining your marketing plan. (Maximum 4 pages – including a cover and reference pages, single spaced, font size 12)

  1. Your report will be graded as follows:
  • 30 % for the product name and description,
  • 50 % for the balance of the market mix elements,
  • 20% for the overall report style/format & citations.

Assignment #1 – Marking Rubric

Report Component

Your Mark/

Potential Mark


  • Brand Name
  • Comprehensive Product Description



  • Pricing Strategy
  • Supporting Rationale



  • Place Strategy
  • Supporting Rationale



  • 3 Promotional ideas for target market
  • Supporting Rationale



  • Overall Report Style/Format
  • Error free, spelling/grammar


  • APA Citations




This assignment was originated by Professor Mike Sullivan – MKTG 116 Course Lead and is used with his permission.


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