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Term Paper

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Discipline Psychology

Assignment type : Research Paper


You are charged with writing a research paper from the perspective of an author who will be submitting an original paper to an editor who requires the submission to in APA format. Journal editors require specific formatting do fit into their templates. Once submitted, the journals are often reviewed by a panel of professionals (called peers). The peer review process is put in place to approve submitted papers for content, use of research, and assurance that the information presented is of a quality standard.

You will be choosing a mental disorder and researching treatment options from three different tiers: pharmacotherapy (medications), psychotherapy (evidenced based practices), and wellness. All three tiers must be discussed in your paper.

For this assignment, you will go through the online version of the DSM-5 to find the chosen mental disorder and then summarize within a few paragraphs. Then, you must utilize peer reviewed journals only (within the past several years) to research pharmacotherapeutic, psychotherapeutic, and wellness approaches to the treatment of the disorder. The paper is intended for you to get into the professional journals provided by the library’s online access. All references must be in APA (6th Ed.) within the text and within the reference sections. I found a wonderful website through Perdue that explains APA in very simplistic language.

Please visit http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/1/ for APA guidelines.

The paper will include:

  1. Cover Page (page 1)
  2. Abstract (100-120 summary of entire paper, page 2)

III. Main Body (starts with the title of the document, pages 3-7 or longer)

  1. Reference Section (page 8 or whichever is your last page)

You will be graded on formatting, use of language, use of referencing (these ideas are not your own so reference, reference, reference), and quality of research.

Format MLA

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Volume of 5 pages (1375 words)

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