Is Technology Helping Us Or Hurting Us?

Is Technology Helping Us Or Hurting Us?

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Discipline Information Technology

Assignment type : Essay 


>Persuasive essay

>5 Pages using MLA format and include additional Works Cited page (this does not count towards the 5 pages of content).

>Sources: “Smartphones Don’t Make Us Dumb” by Daniel T. Willingham, “Stop Googling. Let’s Talk.” by Sherry Turkle, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr, “How Google Is Making Us Smarter.” by Carl Zimmer, and lastly, “The Dumbest Generation? No, Twitter Is Making Kids Smarter.” by Clive Thompson

>DO NOT use any additional sources unless you obtain the instructor’s permission

>Clearly written thesis statement, that takes a position on the issue

>You do not have to take a simple either/or position, and may instead develop a more complex stance, eg., Technology is helping us in some ways, but hurting us in others or Technology is negatively affecting us by…, but can be useful in…

>Thesis statement should be more specific, reflecting the argument that you develop in the paper

>Explain, “Why are we talking about this?” “Why is this important?”

>Body paragraphs should fully develop the reasons for your position (claims).

>Support claims with properly cites quotes from the sources as evidence and in the right context

>Explain quotes and how they support your decision

>Include a counter-argument. Describe the other side’s claim and refute it (explain why it is wrong).

Format MLA

Academic Level: Undergraduate/Bachelor

Volume of 1100 – 1500 pages (5 pages)

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