The Sustainable Urban Development

The Sustainable Urban Development

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Think back over the readings you have done in The Sustainable Urban Development Reader. Identify two or three readings that have shifted the way you think about a specific aspect of sustainability. Use reasons and evidence to show how these readings shifted your thinking about this aspect of sustainability. Your essay should include both your personal perspective and an explanation of why this aspect of sustainability is important for others to understand (this means you need to answer the “so what” question we discussed in class). Evidence should be cited with the same APA style you used for your case study.

I expect you to spend about an hour writing and editing your response. If you are a fast writer, you may be able to write five paragraphs; slower writers may only craft two or three. Make sure you are presenting a clear idea and that what you are able to produce in this time is clear, well-ordered, and polished.

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This short essay question is worth five (5) points. Look back over what you have learned from the readings, lessons, videos, films and discussions, consider your notes, and consult the lessons on D2L if necessary. Answer in paragraph form. The recommended length is 5-6 sentences.

Thinking back over the entire course, which concept of sustainable design and planning do you have the weakest or most muddy understanding of? Put another way, what have we studied that remains confusing to you? What could you do to learn more about this concept?

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