sociocultural factors

sociocultural factors

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Discipline Social Work         

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Write 2 phases in the paper each phase 4 pages

Assess the physical and psychological changes an individual is likely to experience in two of the following four phases of the life cycle–childhood, adolescence, and late adulthood. (One phase must be chosen one of these 3 group childhood or adolescence or late adulthood and the other phase one from the 2 remaining group ). Discuss how sociocultural factors influence these physical and psychological changes. Use the exam rubric as your guide; you must address each aspect of the rubric.

for phase 1 the interview part I did it on adolescence the information of the interview in the rubric file and need to discuss how sociocultural factors influence these physical and psychological changes.

the other phase will choose from other 2 remaining group to discuss the next part.

Use the class textbook

Note: two citations for each paper from the course recommended readings MUST be integrated and cited throughout the phase 2 (written). No more than two citations throughout the paper may come from other textbooks.

Please read the rubric file

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