Self-Evaluation III

Self-Evaluation III

Field: English – Article writing

Please complete a 3-5 page (Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced) academic assessment and personal plan addressing the five sections below.  Creativity is encouraged, but please respond to the topics listed.

We established personal goals in the following areas: education, social, family, recreation/leisure, health, and career/professional.  Review your goals and explain what steps have you taken this semester to achieve or get closer to at least two of your goals?  Have any of your goals changed over the course of the semester?

Review your academic progress. Has your attitude or approach (skills) to your classes changed over the semester? Describe these changes.

Describe a campus resource that you have used and will continue to use to support your academic success.

What advice would you give to new students entering Pacific next semester (i.e. academic success, meeting new people, relieving stress)? What additional topics do you feel would be beneficial to be covered in this class for new students?

Set three academic goals for yourself for the Spring 2017 semester. List them and explain your plan for accomplishing them.

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