Self Assessment

Self Assessment

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For your final paper, you will write a self-assessment of your work throughout the semester. Guided reflection and self-assessment help you learn more about who you are as a writer, thus gaining the skills necessary to think through your own composition problems critically and improving your abilities to edit and proofread your own work. You get out of a self-assessment what you put into it–in other words, you need to go beyond assigning yourself a grade or a rating. You need to be able to reflect upon and articulate the strengths and weaknesses in your writing and the writing habits that work best to achieve the results you want.
Your self-assessment should be 3-4 pages in essay form and include the following information:
An introduction that explains the purpose of the assessment (not just to get a grade!) and the works that will be assessed.
An evaluation of the assignments (process used to get to the final draft, strengths and weaknesses, changes you would make, favorite piece and why)
An evaluation of your overall writing performance (what do you do well? What areas still need improvement? What does your work say about you?)
An explanation of how your views on writing have changed (or stayed the same) during the course of the semester.
How you can continue to improve your writing

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