rewrite and check the grammar

rewrite and check the grammar

Question 1 Problem high absenteeism Solution by writing an attendance policy and Track employee absences. Include in the policy the definition for being tardy and what constitutes excessive tardiness or absenteeism. Also giving employee who is absent without excuse warning letter For example: Tardiness is defined as an employee who arrives to work 30 minutes late. This policy then becomes a measure for good performance. Also open a discussion with employees who have high absenteeism and allow employees to communicate directly with HR HR trying to solve employee problem. Another problem is a conflict between employees and their supervisors . The Solution is listen to both sides and Identify the real issue to find a solution.

Question 2 The problem is high turnover suggested solutions Distribution of the retention and satisfaction questionnaire and exit interview form -360 The evaluation form includes self-evaluation form, Working on retention plan, which includes orientation program for new employees, and review of job descriptions- Employee loyalty card, rewards and training program. Put inspirational quotes into the wall -Developing a clear career path.

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