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For your third and final essay for our class, you will be tasked with constructing a classic of academic writing: the research paper. Our first essay asked you to make a personal argument, our second asked you to update our readings to a contemporary context—our research paper will be in some ways a combination of the two. You will be in charge with taking an idea from our readings and developing it further. The goal in the readings I chose for this class was to allow for a variety of intersections into this material (cultural, economic, political, and so on)—any relevant topic that forms a connection to our readings can be researched. The only constraint on the topic you choose is that it in some way reflects an idea or consideration in these readings. You do not need to directly cite our readings in your essay, but the essay should feel about the material in some way.

After you have decided on your topic, you then need to decide what you want to say about it. A research paper is not just a book report on a topic—you must make an argument about the thing you are researching. For example, if you choose to research how this DIY ethos translates to developing nations, you must take a stance on this impact (that it’s good, that it’s bad, and so forth). It is not enough to simply report on your findings, as you must provide some interpretation of that material in the argument you produce in your paper.

The starting point of this project will be gathering and collecting research. For this paper, I want to you include six outside sources. The kind of sources you use are dependent on your topic, but remember our skills of rhetorical analysis when evaluating this material. If you are writing about something very current, you may need to rely on material like newspapers or other periodicals to find people writing about your topic. If you are writing about something with a longer history, you will need to find scholarly sources written about this material—remember the day we spent using library research databases when beginning this process. Regardless, you must find at least six sources to include in your writing.

As this is a larger project, the length requirements for this paper are longer. This paper must be 2000 to 3000 words, and incorporate the correct number of sources. As well, you must include a Works Cited page and make use of proper MLA formatting when citing your outside sources. This kind of assignment—researching a topic and making an argument about it—is one that you will do throughout your academic career, and this paper is a great opportunity to practice and develop those skills. However…

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