Religious Fundamentalism

Religious Fundamentalism

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Discipline Sociology

Assignment type : Research Proposal


Choosing either a Quan or a Qual or a Mixed Methods, prepare a 6‐8 page (double spaced, 3000-4000 words) research design on a topic of your choice.

I would like to do a research similar to the one in the attachment

Religious Fundamentalism among Young Muslims in United Arab Emirates

Based on your literature review, you will have identified important and unanswered questions with regards to your topic. How might these be answered? Your research design should (1) pose the research question that you seek to address, (2) review the

relevant/existing literature (judicious and efficient selection), (3) propose your conceptual framework and research method (interviews, FGs, primary/secondary data, ethnography, observation, surveys etc.) that best tackles your research question, describing how you would conduct research to enhance your understanding of that particular social phenomenon etc.; and 4) demonstrate viability/feasibility by attempting some initial field work if possible.

Your proposed research design must be feasible in terms of the resources typically available to academic researchers. You need to justify why you have chosen your particular research methodology over other possible methodologies

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Academic Level: Masters

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