Rehabilitation Technique Presentation

Besides identifying negative influences in society, social psychology also provides the tools for analyzing positive influences in group interactions, as well. Consider here how the methods of social psychology can be applied to justice-impacted individuals to dissuade them from criminal behavior and rehabilitate them into society.


Imagine you are running a program for first-time offenders and introducing the program that you select to your agency.


Choose 1 of the rehabilitation techniques discussed this week: Substance Counseling


Create a 1-page handout and short powerpointpresentation (5 minutes) about the rehabilitation technique. Use images that are copyright-free to bolster your information.

**To clarify: this assignment contains two parts:

· The handout which summarizes your presentation – I suggest the use of color and graphics to engage your audience.

· The presentation – this can be a PowerPoint, a Prezi or another type of presentation format, &/or video of yourself speaking.


Address the following questions:

· What is it?

· How does it work?

· What is the role of human service workers?

· What are some risks?

· What are the benefits of this technique vs. another?

· What rehabilitation methods does your technique utilize?

· How do those methods reduce the effects of prejudice, discrimination, and/ or aggression?

· Identify a local program which exemplifies your technique and describe it.


Note: This assessment does not require APA formatting.

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