Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper

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Discipline Philosophy

Assignment type : Personal Statement


Ethics paper.. Reflection Paper

You are responsible to write a paper (min: 1000 words) discussing what you have learned in this course and how you plan to use it in your personal and professional life.


  • This paper should include references to at least two different normative ethical theories/ models (Ethical Intuitionist Perspective and Ethical Egoism) and what you have learned from them in the construction of your own ethical perspective. (NOTE: altruism and psychological egoism are NOT normative ethical theories.)
  • You should indicate in this paper how your ethical perspective has been changed and/or broadened as a result of taking this course.
  • You should reference two discussions that were particularly interesting and/or thought-provoking. A specific post made by a fellow student or the professor should be noted (with name given) for each discussion and paper should indicate how/why the post was important.
  • You should reflect on the semester – How has this course helped you develop a sensitivity to differing ethical models and how will you apply this information in your chosen career field? (NOTE: if you do not know for sure what you plan to do in your career, you may talk in general about how this course will be useful in your academic and personal life as well as any career you may choose)


Is the paper a minimum of 1000 words: 6 points

Does the paper reference two normative ethical theories/models from the readings? Does the paper indicate a correct understanding of each normative ethical theory? 9 points each/18 points

Does the paper include reflections on at least two Unit discussions with specific references to a post made by students and/or the professor in each? (Remember to give the name of the author of the post.) 9 points each/18 points

Does the paper indicate how the student’s ethical perspective has changed and/or broadened as a result of taking this course? 12 points

Does the paper discuss how the student will apply what s/he has learned to her/his chosen career field? 6 points

NOTE: your paper must be presented in an academic format with an academic heading, an introduction with thesis, body paragraphs which develop the thesis, and a conclusion. Proper grammar and spelling are required. In-text citations as well as a work cited page (MLA) are required. Points will be deducted if these rubrics are not followed.

Format MLA

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Volume of 1000 – 1050 pages (4 pages)

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