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The Teams in INTERPROFESSIONAL PRACTICE module was a great learning experience for me due to the different modules that I have to Study during the course of the diagnostic imaging .In this module, I got to work with different professional health care students. This module also prepared me with some of the skills that are necessary for successful teamwork. This module build my existing knowledge about interprofessional team working also about how teams function and about the necessity for each professions to be able to work as part of an interprofessional team and the benefits that can bring to me as individual practitioners and to my clients or patients. by using the simulation-assisted scenarios that reflect the real world of practice in health and social care. The essay will reflect the experience that I have gained during the ‘Team Observed Structured Professional Encounter (TOSPE)’ scenarios team work performance. The main purpose of my essay is to demonstrate my knowledge working in interprofessional team by reflecting the experience which I had during my first TOSPE group that was conducted in week 5 and that of the summative assessment in week 9. I will follow ‘Gibbs model of reflective’ as guidance through my reflection process (Jasper, 2003). This model has 5 steps which are Description , Feelings , Evaluation , Analysis , Conclusion and Action Plan The term reflection used in healthcare professionals to describe writing that undertaken for learning from our experiences in order to develop our understanding and also to bring in our practice in to focus (Rolfe et al, 2001).


I was in TOSPE group of six multidisciplinary team involving myself diagnostic imaging, four adult nurses and physiotherapy student. I was the only the international student in a group of five native speakers and the team was dominated by student nurses. . In our team first TOSPE meeting. I could not understand the direction and goals of our team in the first scenario as the meeting was not structured. But The summative assessment TOSPE scenario was about a 54 years-old man who had Type 1 Diabetes since he was 28 and has a history of poor self-management including non-attendance at clinics and poor compliance also depression and this now seems to be a chronic condition. Also he has ulcer on his right foot near his heel and recently he has diagnosed with locally invasive prostate cancer.

. As a diagnostic imaging student, I delivered my role to the team from each problem that our patent has for example I suggest to do MRI to see how much the ulcer deep is( Every member of the team knew their task and team members were able to trust each other and I were contributed positive impact on team organisation prior. The team was well prepared, patient care plane has met; safe working environment with in the team was adhered, as a result the task completed at high standard.


I had been thought a mix of emotion because I am non English speaker so I was afraid that patient can not understand me.All though I was a little scared but patient helped me to break the ice we end up communicating very well .The language was one of biggest fears.

I was a bit preserved in the initial TOSPE scenario, the student nurses had more positive attitude towards the scenario. The student nurses were seen to ease communication and took the lead role on the task where I from diagnostic imaging struggled to make a start.

. I was unsure in our team’s first meeting as I could not understand the direction of our team discussion. Equally, I was uncomfortable with our team’s meeting managing process since there were not any responsible team members who act as a leader, coordinator, and recorder. Furthermore,

I felt isolate; as the team members from adult nurse profession were dominated the discussion and I was thinking that my profession was not valued. In a research finding (Goldsmith et al 2010) described that team members can be aware their own roles, their integration and value in the team.

So I made known the general role of my profession to the group. Molyneux (2001) mentioned the difficulty of sharing information when somebody is unsure one’s professional identity and in (Brown et al 2011) pointed out that lack of understanding team member’s role can lead to conflict. Once, the team was understands my profession, I was able to cement my point of view on the task. I felt that I contributed well to the multidisciplinary team.

Although at our summative TOSPE scenario, I showed that I was confident on my own skills and knowledge through the process. I felt contributed more or equal as everyone which required assisting the patient management care. There was not bad experience, however on reflection I realise that I should have more involved in the discussion at first place.


The speaking was extremely challenging for me. I regret that I did not contribute as much as i want

However, I am pleased that the my Colleagues responded so positively to my My interventions , and I have observed that we contribute it our each other perfectly

I too have learned from the TOSBE, as it has taught me the importance of acting with colleagues, in a PROFESSIONAL, manner,


Reflecting on this paper made me ask that why was the communication dominated by the student nurses in our team’s first scenario meeting. Having reflecting on this paper remind me that, the student nurses were competing against each other to be heard their own opinion as a result my interaction level affected. Atwal & Caldwell (2005) suggests that members of the same profession often dominate the team meeting. Equally, it is possible that making assumption that nursing professional has more dominant role than my own profession on patient management care aspect affected my participation at first place

Another highlighted for my integration issue was communication dominance as I was the only non-native speaker member in the team.

I had been thought a mix of emotion because I am non English speaker so I was afraid that other students can not understand me.All though I was a little scared but my Colleagues helped me to break the ice we end up communicating very well .The language was one of biggest fears.

. Another highlighted for my integration issue was communication dominance as I was the only non-native speaker member in the team.


To conclude my reflective paper, I have learned to look the positive side of working with people from the same profession. I should rely on my own ability instead of concerning about my profession identity on team members view. Furthermore, I have learned not to make assumptions on existing barriers such as communication, profession dominance. I realise that I should have thought professionally about planning patient care. I have also learned to listen to what members of the team discussing instead of thinking my own role. Finally, reflecting on this paper thought me that my confidence improved through the process of collaboration with members of the team which was from being participant to guidance the team direction towards the success.

Action plane

The experience working within multidisciplinary team allows me to identified area of practice to work on. Firstly, I have learned to wider my study beyond my profession and this will keep me to understand the continuity of patient care beyond my job description. I will achieve this, by taking study courses from the NHS online e-learning. Secondly, I will work on my communication skills. I will work to improve understanding of most used medical jargons in hospitals and this will allow me to communicate actively and effectively. Describing my feelings through reflection process thought me how to deal with negative assumptions and this will allow me in the future to control my body language during uncomfortable situations. Overall, I was able to maintain positive working environment throughout despite of some awkward feelings arises during the team task.

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