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Discipline Economics

Assignment type : Essay


For this assignment, I would like you to reflect on this semester and how you did as the semester progressed answering, minimally, the following questions:

-What grade do you currently have?

-Do you feel the grade you have is an accurate portrayal of the amount of work you’ve put in this semester? Why or Why not?

-How did you prepare for this course?

-Was this course what you expected, why or why not?

-Are there things you would have done differently this semester? Why or why not?

-Are there things you think should be changed about the course? Elaborate

Those questions are the beginning, and you should add your own personal reflection to the essay. This is based solely on effort, and the grade you receive on it will be based on how much effort I believe you put into it.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns. Good luck on these last two assignments, and your other finals next week!

-Professor Dever

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