Recruitment (identification and attraction)

Recruitment (identification and attraction)

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Staffing Model Exercise – Term Paper (Due Week 9) 30 points: An organization’s staffing model consists of various aspects of the organization’s staffing process. The model should reflect a system that allows the organization to attract and retain a high quality workforce. Each student will analyze an organization staffing model and establish a clear position on whether or not the staffing model achieves organizational staffing goals. Each student will complete the following as part of this assignment:

Analyze the organization’s staffing model using “The Staffing Organizations Model” provided in the course text

Relate each section of the model to organizational effectiveness (including cost of deficient staffing)

Clearly establish a position on whether or not the staffing model is consistent with organizational goals

Develop the final paper, consisting of the following (minimum requirements):

The paper format will be:

An 8 – 12-page paper (not including the reference and title page

Double Spaced

Formatted in APA style (All course assignments will be in APA style)

Include at least Five (5) sources

The grading criteria for the paper will be:

Staffing Model analysis 10 pts

Clearly established position 2 pts

Cost of deficient staffing 10 pts

Course Concepts Identified 5 pts

APA Formatting 3pts

Paper Total 30 pts

Format MLA

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Volume of 1700 – 2500 pages (8 pages)

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