Rape myth Acceptance

Rape myth Acceptance

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Assignment type : Essay


Format: Typed, double spaced, 1” margins (please check the default on your word-processing software – usually the default is set to 1.25″ instead of 1″), single-sided, stapled, 11 to 12 pt font. PLEASE be sure to put page numbers on each page.

Length: 9-10 pages. This includes the references section and a title page.

Sections: You must include the following sections to receive full credit:

Title Page Include an APA Style Title Page

Introduction Brief introduction to the topic for a general scientific audience –

In the introduction, provide necessary context for your literature review. You can do this by answering the following questions, or by considering questions of your own: What is the specific research focus that guides your project? What general topics, issues or areas of concern motivated your research? What is the purpose of your literature review?

Body Multiple sections summarizing the main points (3-5 additional sections, based on the style of your synthesis) It is a good idea to split your paper up into different sections (with subtitles) that break the paper up for the reader. For a 9-10 page paper, you may want to think about having about 2-4 sections in addition to the introduction and conclusion. The number of sections depends on the subject matter and what you choose to include in the paper.

The body of your literature review should be made up of a discussion of the trends you found in the research on your topic. To keep the body of your paper organized, group sources (such as research studies, theoretical articles, case studies, essays, etc.) according to common categories such as strategies or approach, conclusions of authors, specific purpose or objective, etc. As you discuss your sources, discuss individual articles with as much or as little detail as each merits according to its comparative importance in the literature. Articles should be mentioned as evidence of an overall trend being discussed in that particular section of the paper. You will need to determine if some of your sources seem to be more important or more influential than others. Remember, the amount of space (length) that you devote to each source denotes its relative significance. Make sure that you assess the body of research as a whole, providing a detailed analysis of trends, points of concurrence and disagreement, and a careful explanation of the overall significance of your findings. Each paragraph in the body of your paper should make a specific point about the state of research in each section of your topic.

Discussion Summarize the overall findings and make conclusions in your own words! Then, you must explain what ‘we don’t know’ about the topic and what needs to be done in the future to better understand the issue. For example, you could suggest future studies that can be conducted to improve our understanding.

In your conclusion, review what the research is lacking: Where are there gaps in the research on your topic? What still needs to be studied, understood, argued? What don’t we know? What questions remain? Why? Explain why any further research is necessary (What do we stand to gain from filling that gap?) and how such research might better help us understand the issue at hand. Again, the questions you establish here are the questions your final paper will respond to (so consider them carefully).

References – References must be listed in APA Style. Each reference listed in the end of the paper must be mentioned in-text.

Format MLA

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Volume of 9 pages (2475 words)

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