Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis

Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis



The Discussion instructions ask you to select one continuous (scale) variable and one categorical (nominal or ordinal) variable from the GSS data set and share appropriate descriptive statistics (a measure of center and a measure of variability) for each one. See the detailed assignment instructions and be sure to address each question. Notice that there are different questions for your continuous and for your categorical variable.


As always, be sure to identify the data set, it should be the GSS data set. Please organize your work by discussing your continuous variable first and then your categorical variable.  Please be sure to clearly indicate the variable used. Include the name of the variable as it appears in the Variable Name column in the SPSS data set.  For categorical variables, indicate the scale anchors in APA format. Clearly indicate the measurement level for each of the variables. Refer to the Frankfort-Nachmias and Leon-Guerrero (2015) text for support – especially for reporting variability for nominal variables (see pages 138 – 142). Compute and report the IQV as a percentage).  For help with SPSS and obtaining descriptive statistics, refer to the video for SPSS. The data set they use is similar to our GSS data set – so you might find it beneficial to open SPSS, open the GSS data set, and follow along with the video. Remember you can stop and start the video as you find the variables he uses. You should also refer to the Wagner (2016) text for additional support.


Hint: in the video, when he says metric data this is the same as interval-ratio data or scale data.


SPSS Assignment: Introduction to Quantitative Analysis – Descriptive Analysis


This week you will continue to work with SAME 2 variables you used in Week 2 from the same data set, either the Afrobarometer or HSLS data set. One should be categorical (identified as nominal in the SPSS data set) the other one should be continuous (identified as scale in the SPSS data set).  Ensure that the statistics you compute and report are appropriate for the measurement level of your variables. Be very careful in your selection of appropriate statistics. Consider which is the most appropriate choice based on the level of measurement and other features of the data, such as outliers or the shape of the data from the graphs you created last week. First describe your continuous variable and then your categorical variable. Report all of the information that is requested in the instructions. Restrict your writing to two paragraphs – one for each variable.  Insert the output from SPSS following each paragraph. Only include relevant output!  Use full APA format (e.g., title page, page numbers, double spacing, Times New Roman 12-point font, APA headings, etc.) and include figure captions for your SPSS figures, citations, and a References page. 


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