Public Relations Plan – Final

Public Relations Plan – Final

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Public Relations Plan Directions For United Way

In order to understand how a public relations plan works, it is a good idea to practice writing one. In this assignment, you will have the opportunity to do so. In order to complete your plan, you must format it as a formal presentation. You will have to use your textbook and do additional research to determine the appropriate way to format it. Include the following two elements:

Use PowerPoint to format the plan, itself.

Use memo format to introduce your plan. Write the memo as if it is to be presented to a senior manager within the company.

Choose a real or fictitious organization. It can be a corporate or non-corporate entity. It can be large or small. For the purposes of this assignment, if you choose a real organization, create a fictitious name for it. Identify and explain the following about the organization that you chose:

What is the name of the organization?

What product or service does the organization provide? Be specific and detailed.

Who is the target audience and who are the target markets?

The following must be included within your public relations plan:

Determine the public relations activities you will use for the entire year.

Create objectives for the plan. What do you intend to achieve with this plan?

Illustrate the methods and activities you will utilize. Describe what activities and actions you intend to implement for the organization. Outline specific actions and do not use generalizations. Be sure to include any media elements you plan to use, as well.

Create a calendar of events (also known as a timeline). When will you run the activities? How long will they last?

For example, pretend you are using the United Way for your organization. The events are the specific things you do for the campaign, such as a cookie sale.

Create a bulleted list to illustrate what will happen in each month.

Create a contingency plan. What will you do if a crisis, such as a product recall, occurs in your organization?

Your work on this assignment should be started in Unit 7 and completed in Unit 8. Because of the amount of work required for this assignment, it is recommended that you start as soon as possible.

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