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CONTENT AREAS When we define decision making, we refer to it as a process of identifying problems and opportunities, and then resolving them. Assuming that you are a Public Administrator, how would you define and identify the problems and opportunities that exist between the “public’s interest” and the “public’s best interest?” FORMAT All responses must conform to the following form and style requirements:  Double-space your answers and format your work using the attached example as a guide.  State each question in bold type before writing your response.  Use a standard font and a 12-point type size.  Prepare a Table of Contents and Approval Page using the attached model as a guide  Submit your work in a professional manner.  Your answers should demonstrate your ability to apply many of the theoretical concepts that you have learned in previous courses.  For each answer, it is expected that you will include five to ten current references from primary sources, such as professional journals and publications to support your responses.The majority of your references must be dated within the past 5 years, and please do not include any references older than 10 years.  Textbooks may be useful as you begin to conceptualize your answer. However, because the material in textbooks may be dated and limited in depth, this material cannot be used as the only source material to support your response.  Use a standard essay format, and use examples based on your professional experience supported by citations of scholarly references.  When citing your sources, you must use APA format (author, date). Guides describing APA formatting are available online and at college and university bookstores.  Include a Reference page following each question with the full reference for each citation.  Generally responses to each question range between six pages In the first half of your answer to this question, you must provide empirically supported materials for your advisement (such as. guidelines recommended by the United Nations) then in the second half of your answer, you must describe the personal recommendations you would give the CEO if all he had time for was a twenty-minute conversation with you. The response “I would provide the CEO with the list of guidelines recommended by the United Nations” is not acceptable; this is a one-size-fits-all response and there is no way the CEO could appreciate all these guidelines in a twenty-minute conversation. An acceptable answer to the second half of the question would include concrete examples of things he should consider as he is in the planning stages of doing business overseas. Describe what YOU consider the most important aspects of conducting business overseas based on YOUR experience and include a description of what you feel are the most important and often “hidden” potential problems. Please make sure all references are from “academically reputable sources” and that all are available for the Professors to read and review in English. Additionally, the Examination requires the student demonstrate their knowledge of the subject material and to explain how they will apply their learning to the situation posed. As a manager, use what you have learned from the experts to describe how YOU would manage the situation. Quoting textbooks or describing what the experts/ theories say is correct is 50% of the essay answer. The other 50% is explaining how you will use this knowledge or information. For direct questions such as “How would you … take “ownership of the problem” and explain which actions you would implement, how and why. Provide the answers to each question in your own words, in addition to the cited and referenced “business expert” answer.

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