Project due Tuesday Night pst

Project due Tuesday Night pst

Project Charter

V 2.0

Project Charter

Project Name

ACH Market Expansion Project

Project Number


Project Team

Jerry Lawson, Sara Jenkins, Melissa Grant

Mike Green and Ceciliana Rexach




Sam Ryder & Gloria Ryder

Start Date:

January 1st, 2018

Scheduled Completion Date:

July 4th, 2018

Mission/ Purpose

It is Amazing Coffee Houses (ACHs) goal to be the coffeehouse of choice for all the locals at the city of Milwaukee, tourists who visit the museum nearby and the rest of the community, by offering a higher quality experience that the rest of the coffeehouses. ACH is in dire need of expanding its market beyond the Chicago area to allow accessibility and a new line of clientele. As a result, ACH intentions are to create a coffeehouse that quickly increases profitability and withstands a smart rate of return (30% or higher annually) for ACHs investors. ACH will welcome and offer their quality services to a new community. ACH mission is to bring people together, promote common humanity, and provide a friendly environment in a comfortable atmosphere while customers receive the best quality service at the best prices. This project aims to address all these needs and result in an expansion of a new coffee house in the area of Milwaukee. This document is intended to outline the start-up of the new Amazing Coffee Houses location. This project is closely align with ACH’s strategic goals and objectives of expanding its market and opening 10 new locations. This is just the beginning of a larger project since it is ACHs vision to take ACH to every city in America.

SOW: Project

Description and Project Product

This project will create a brand new facility for ACH in Milwaukee, WI where ACH leadership plans to bring the flavors of gourmet coffee to a market that projects great outcomes in this geographical location. The services included in this new location will be inclusive of the ACH gourmet coffee brands, quality foods, low-fat donuts, ACH Brand products among others. This will be delivered through the recognize customer service approach that ACH has demonstrated in their Chicago-based operations. The services will be specifically oriented towards the diverse ethnic backgrounds that reside in the Milwaukee city and the amenities and attractions nearby.

The main expected outcome that ACH projects is the increase of sales by more than $125,000 within the first three years of operations. This will help ACH maintain a gross margin of 70%. The strategic plan with this revenue approach is to open 10 additional stores in the Milwaukee area, each with the same budget and finance projections.

The strategic plan is to incorporate the Project Management Framework throughout the entire lifecycle of the project. This framework will guide the Project Team in addressing every critical aspect and phase of the project in a structured way that identifies clearly all requirements, needs, and goals and helps align them according to the project scope, cost, and schedule. In addition, the strategy for completion of this project in a successful manner is also to be comprehensive in the communications and stakeholders’ management plan. There are critical stakeholders that have plenty to contribute with that would surely help in making this project successful. Communication amongst project stakeholders will be crucial as well to ensure that all participants are performing according to the same project rhythm.

List at least five high-level deliverables (outputs) that will be generated from the execution of this project. The main deliverables of this project are as follow:

1) ACH Store Expansion Plan – this deliverable will document the successful strategy utilized throughout this project to be used as a guide or template than can be re-used for the next 10 stores target.

2) A Successful Project Management Plan – this document will also be crucial to ACH’s future Project / Program Management plans. It will document industry practices, frameworks, and principles in Project Management that made this project a success.

3) ACH Procurement Baseline – ACH will be establishing procurement vehicles, task orders, and contracts to a select group of prime contractors that delivered great service during this project. By leveraging the same procurement vehicles ACH will be able to minimize future procurement efforts, costs, and time.

4) Project Team Performance Appraisal – This project obviously is of high visibility to ACH leadership. As so, each ACH employee that participates as a Project Team member will be partially responsible and accountable for the project’s success. Project Performance Appraisals will provide visibility and awareness of the staff performance in the project. It will account for their demonstrated skills, performance, contributions, success, etc. that can be added to their ACH personnel appraisal.

5) Project Baselined Schedule – this project timeline will document in a granular level the details and time frames that each milestone required and was completed in. This document will also detail the work breakdown structure needed to complete the project.


The main objectives of ACH during the first three years of operating on the new location are to increase sales by more than $125,000 and maintain a gross margin of 70% after creating a new twist in coffee services and products. Make ACH the first and preferred destination for coffee and bakery products in Milwaukee. Establish a concrete model in the market and track performance to start expanding to other localities.

Business Need

ACH has decided to expand the business capability, revenue, customer reach, image and size of the company to Milwaukee. This will be a betta-test to explore and develop a strategy that will help ACH be strategic in their plans to open their next 10 ACH locations as part of their short-term plans and place 1 ACH per major city in America as part of their long-term future plans.


In order to accomplish the overall goal of ACH expansion there are several critical path milestones that we need to achieve to fulfill the requirements and needs of the project scope.


A budget of $650,000.00 has been allocated to complete the renovation and establishment of the new ACH location. No additional budget has been allocated for the purpose of this project. Note that the assigned budget for this project will not be definite until the project planning is finished.

Estimated Labor


Estimated Materials


Estimated Contractors


Estimated Equipment and Facilities


Estimated Travel


Total Estimated Cost


User Acceptance Criteria

ACH new business site must be accessible, fully operational, and ready to use. Permits are approved. Utilities are up and running. Periodic customer reviews will be performed in order to monitor and measure project quality.

High-Level Project Assumptions

The Amazing Coffee Houses uses a strategy focused on an overall quality; in services and products.

Strategic Assumptions:

  • Customers want a great-tasting coffee drink
  • ACH provides a number of unique advantages compared to all other coffeehouses.
  • Coffee drinks are well-thought-out as an inexpensive indulgence.
  • Customers/coffee drinkers look for a more appealing and comfortable coffeehouse environment.
  • The coffeehouse market is not affected by the economy and other global events.
  • Project will be in compliance with food safety standards and regulations.
  • ACH stakeholders’ response to issues will not exceed three (3) business days from the time of request.

High-Level Project Constraints

Tight timeframe is one of the constraints threatening the project. Pressure due to the necessity to complete the project before Independence Day (July 4th). Possibility of limited budget. ACH must comply with the following:

  • All local and national level regulations pertaining building code must be satisfied.
  • FDA Food facility registration
  • FDA food safety modernization Act
  • Current good manufacturing practices
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points
  • State license
  • Standard of Identity
  • As a legal requirement ACH must also maintain record pertaining the manufacturing, processing, distribution, holding, storage, packing and receipt of food products.

Exclusions and Boundaries

The boundaries of this project are the renovation of the acquired business space and the buildup of the ACH new coffeehouse location. The following things will be excluded from the project:

  • Market research
  • Real state geographical research
  • ACH IT integration strategy
  • Post inauguration marketing and promotional strategy
  • Post inauguration Logistic and distribution strategy
  • Legal review and approval of all contracts and agreements
  • Post inauguration operational budget planning
  • Post inauguration operational maintenance agreements

Major Risks

  • If ACH and other contractor stakeholder resources are not available for critical ACH dependencies as scheduled, then dates may change and require escalation through the standard reporting processes.
  • If the dependencies and assumptions are not met, there could be delayed and/or increased scope, cost, and/or schedule impacts to expansion efforts.
  • Will services offered by ACH at Milwaukee location have a high demand?
  • Will people be willing to pay for those services offered by ACH?
  • Construction delays due to staff availability.
  • Denial of permits
  • Unexpected and unidentified project dependencies
  • Change of project scope
  • Impacts due to increment weather


Project: ACH Market Expansion Project

  • 1.0 Marketing Plan
  • 2.0 Attend Coffee Fest
  • 3.0 Health Department
  • Request Site Inspection
  • Obtain Permit
  • 4.0 Select and order furnishings
  • Conduct Market Research
  • Conduct Showroom Tour
  • Select Furniture Provider / Vendor
  • 5.0 Site plans
  • Development, Review & Approval of Floor Space Plan
  • Development, Review & Approval of Schematic Design
  • Development, Review & Approval of Final Blue Prints
  • Development, Review & Approval of Construction Documents
  • Submit Construction Document & Blue Prints for Government Permit
  • Obtain Construction Permit
  • 6.0 Select construction and pain contractor
  • Develop Scope of Work
  • Develop Scope
  • Review Scope against Requirements
  • Request Proposals / Public Bidding


  • Review Submitted Proposals
  • Select Contractor(s)
  • 7.0 Create employee manual
  • Develop Employee Manual
  • Conduct Manual Review with Leadership
  • Obtain Approval for Implementation
  • 8.0 Agreement with water company
  • 9.0 Join Chamber of Commerce
  • 10.0 Select equipment, gift items and pastry suppliers



Project Core Team

Jerry Lawson

Sara Jenkins

Melissa Grant

Mike Green

Ceciliana Rexach

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)


Design team

Branding team

Construction Team


IT Technician and service providers

Interior Designer



Type Name



Project Manager Approval

Jim Young

Dec 1st, 2017

Customer/Sponsor Approval

Sam Ryder

Gloria Ryder

Dec 1st, 2017



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