Is Procrastination Hurting Students?

Is Procrastination Hurting Students?

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Description of Assignment: For this essay, you will choose a problem to solve.*** You will do ALL of the following:

  1. Present the problem (background – can use Essay #4 material)
  2. Explain why the problem is a problem (causes and effects – can use Essay #4 material)
  3. Discuss the best solution to the problem and why you believe it to be the best
  4. Evaluate other solutions to argue why they are NOT the best solution (i.e. counterargument)

Numbers 1 and 2 should account for no more than TWO pages of your essay, meaning that numbers 3 and 4 must account for no less than FOUR pages.

***For those of you who didn’t select a problematic event, trend, or issue for Essay #4, you can still piggyback of that topic and research. Instead of discussing solutions for the already-present problem, you will discuss ways to prevent the event, trend, or issue from becoming a problem.

Thesis: Your claim will discuss what the problem is, and your reasons/evidence will prove that the problem is, in fact, a problem. In addition, you will also list possible solutions to the problem – this can either be done as a separate sentence or combined with the thesis.

Sample Thesis: Addiction to social media can be a destructive force in someone’s life because it can result in lack of employment, poor school performance, alienation from friends and family, and bad health. However, solutions to this problem include counseling, focusing on other hobbies, reconnecting with actual people, and getting rid of the Internet altogether.

The order in which you list your solutions is important. The first solution you list is the one you believe to be the best solution – the one you’re going to argue in favor of. The remaining solutions that you list will be the ones that you will argue are lesser solutions that will likely prove to not be as effective as your first solution. In essence, you will be ranking your solutions from best to worst (even if they’re all decent solutions, they can still be ranked). This ranking of solutions is essentially your counterargument/rebuttal.

Source(s) Required: At least six (6) credible sources are required for this essay. You’ll need sources that are more informational in nature that allow you to show the background and current context of the topic in general and issues or items specifically. All of your sources must be authoritative and credible; they should also represent a variety of perspectives on the topic.

Reference sources, such as an encyclopedia, (e.g. or a dictionary will not count as legitimate sources. This includes reference sites like and In addition, personal blogs or essays posted on personal websites or self-published on sites like and are not acceptable.

Audience: You are writing to an audience of fellow students with comparable knowledge regarding the topic. You should identify and demonstrate an awareness of the target audience based upon the topic selection, and gear your writing toward that audience through your use of voice, tone, and word choice.

Format: 6+ page(s) of your writing, 1 cover page, and 1 reference page (8 pages total minimum), using APA documentation style.

Format APA

Academic Level: Undergraduate/Bachelor

Volume of 1100 – 2200 pages (6 pages)

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