problem solution essay

problem solution essay

Problem and solution


  1. Introduction


  1. Background: cafeteria, library, and campus is most people stay in their college day life.


b.Thesis: foothill College need a cafeteria provides student have a good diet.


  1. First Problem: healthy food and unhealthy food.


  1. Cup-noodles, subway, pizza we can get in usually.


  1. We have healthy food (salad) in coffee center, but it expensive for the students.


II First solution: diversification diet.


A.Introduction of healthy food


  1. Many international student in Cascadia college,we can have different countries food we can try.


III. Second Problem: not anymore place to choose


a.In school, student only choose suways and mobile restaurant.


b.UCLA have cafeteria inside of building, we don’t have.


III. Second Solution: share the cafeteria with UCLA


A.clean and safety than the mobile restaurant.


  1. library and classroom,we can’t loud voice with your friends, but in cafeteria,we can talk with your friends.




Solution1: Improve students nutrition


Solution2: A healthy diet will give students to bring a healthy physique

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