Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice

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Annotated Bibliography

You will select five (5) scholarly sources to read and review, in preparation for your final research paper. Three (3) of those sources must be articles from peer-reviewed academic journals, whilst the remaining two may either be chapters from scholarly books or two more scholarly articles. You are responsible to locate these sources on your own, but only scholarly articles or book chapters will be accepted.

The Annotated Bibliography must be rendered in MLA citation style. For each annotation entry, you will do two things. First, you will furnish your reader with one full paragraph that succinctly summarizes the overall shape of the critic’s argument. Identify the thesis and major claims in your summarization, along with quoting any pertinent passages that are key to understanding the argument (quoting is not a suggestion here!).

The second part of your annotation’s entry will be to consider whether or not the source is useful to the direction of your own argument. You need to ask yourself how, or why, this source may be useful. Consider that every source will be useful to you in some way: either to help you know in what direction you do or do not want to take your paper, or how the various ideas of a critic will help to shape your thesis (even when you disagree). Your second full paragraph for your entry will detail your responses to these considerations: is this useful to my paper and how? With what do I agree or disagree, regarding this critic’s argument, and why? How does this source shape my paper’s direction, thesis, or major claims?

See Purdue’s OWL website for help on both MLA citation style and examples of what a proper annotated bibliography looks like. With both links, be sure to explore and navigate the tabs on the left for examples of citation styles along with modeled annotated bibliographies.

MLA Citation Style:

MLA Annotated Bibliography: Due Date: Tuesday December 4th

Research Paper

For your final paper, you will craft an original argument about Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The scope of your final paper will have a specific theoretical approach, incorporate other critical voices, and will consider historical/cultural source material (found in our text). Your focus may range to various theoretical schools, but you are asked to keep women’s issues and representations of women in the train of your focus.

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