Pre sentence report

Pre sentence report

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Discipline Criminology

Assignment type : Essay


Final Report

Please write a Pre-Sentence report using the following facts as your guide. I encourage you to be creative with any facts you feel should be incorporated (you may want to review pages 144-145 and 310-314 in the textbook; also please read the .pdf attachment here-How to Write a Pre-Sentence Report). The essay should be at least 500 words in length and saved as a Word document. The response is graded for content, writing strategy, and level of depth as well as grammar, punctuation, spelling and mechanics. Use the format with examples attached to this assignment. Must use the attached Present Offense Format for submission.

Judy has been convicted of 2 counts of child abuse. She attempted to commit suicide, along with her two young daughters, ages 5 and 7. She jumped out of a window with the children, but all three survived. Judy was using methamphetamine at the time. The state has filed a separate Petition for Termination of Parental Rights to severe Judy’s parental rights. The judge has to decide how to sentence Judy. The range of possible sentence is anywhere from probation to 10-35 years prison for each count. As the pre-sentence report writer, you have to make a recommendation to the judge. You have interviewed Judy at the jail and discussed her personal history with her, during which she was pleasant, forthcoming and candid. You have learned that she has no previous criminal background, and she only recently got involved taking meth when her husband abandoned her and the children, she learned she was pregnant, and had an abortion. She has told you that an uncle molested her when she was 12. Other than these problems, Judy has been a law-abiding citizen who has always been lawfully employed and her friends say she’s a good mother. She denies that she was trying to commit suicide or kill the children.

Should you need to feel free to develop your scenario.

Helpful hint: Look Up your crime type in Arizona Revised Statutes to understand the crime and the punishment involved.

Remember to use all the rules you have learned this semester with regards to technical writing. Please make sure you are double spacing the assignment for grading purposes.


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