Political Sociology Paper

Political Sociology Paper

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Discipline Sociology

Assignment type : Term paper


Format: single-spaced (no spaces between paragraphs), 12 point Times New Roman font, 1” margins on all sides. No Page Limit or Min.

  1. Read “Setting the Terms of Relief: Explaining State Policy Choices in the Devolution Revolution” by Joe Soss, Sanford Schram, Thomas Vertanian, and Erin O’Brien and answer the following questions:

How do their research findings/conclusions relate to discussions we have had in class about what shapes/determines social policy?

  1. Using Orum, answer the following question: what social factors/conditions lead to the creation of a democratic state as opposed to an authoritarian state?

NOTE: there are three competing theories here. Make sure you cover each one.

  1. Using Orum, how does interdependence between nations impact the successfulness of nation-state building.

Hint: In addition to the other folks, if you don’t mention Wallerstein I’m probably gonna be kinda sad…

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