police brutality in california

police brutality in california

Description  Details

Discipline Politics

Assignment type : Essay 


Use a wide variety of valid sources

Work Cited must be in APA format


Include Thesis Statement

Ethos (Why should I care about the topic and why is it relevant today’s society)

Transition statements

Body Paragraphs

Brief History (Who, what, when, where, why and how)

Counter Arguments ( Opposition viewpoint)

Topic sentence lets the reader know these are counter arguments

The MAIN concerns of opponents (not weak ones)

Explanation of each argument

provide source for each claim

Smooth, logical transitions between ideas, arguments, points, etc. (see attachment)

Your reasons For (Evidence) (At least three main points/ reasons)

Separate each argument (evidence)

Explanation of each argument

Logos evidence for each claim (hard facts, numbers, etc.)

Provide source for each claim AND for all evidence

Solutions for the Civil Rights violation (s)

Answer the basic questions (Who, what, when, where,how, why)


Answer the question of how to implement each solution

Where is the money going to come from

Who will be in charge of the implementation

How will this affect society

Conclusion includes:

Summary of reasons and refutations

Restate thesis/ Solution

Reflection or refer back to a scenario

(at least 5 sources)

just based in one city of california

topic: police brutality in california

Page numbering, Header in 12 point font Times New Roman, appears on all pages

Heading: Double spaced in 12 point Times

Title is centered, 12 point font Times, Bot bold or italicized, reflects thesis

Paragraphs are indented, double-spaced lines, no extra spacing between paragraphs

Work Cited is listed on separate page and includes page numbering

Document has been checked and corrected with spell/ grammar check

All sentences are complete, with subject and action verb

Verbs are written in the present tense except when telling a narrative

No “you” or “your” is used

No contractions (don’t, isn’t)

Words are spelled correctly

quotations are a natural part of the sentence

No sentences are longer than 2 lines

First and last names of individuals on first reference; use last name on sec

Format MLA

Academic Level: –

Volume of 5 pages (1375 words)

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