Part I: Summary of regulated pollutants 

Air Quality
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Compile a report (likely 2-3 pages long) based on the directions below.

Part I: Summary of regulated pollutants

Summarize the nature and sources of each of the six air pollutants regulated by the EPA under the clean air act. Website:

Part II: EPA air quality real-time data


What is the current outlook for nationwide air quality? (use the map and check the legend)

Which regions currently have a poor air quality forecast? (Look for the Highest Five!)

Look up the current data/forecast for your area. Summarize your findings.


If you click on a dot on the map, it will give you a real-time webcam of the area. Choose San Antonio as the city. Give a description of how the air looks now. Include a screenshot (CTRL-printscreen and then paste) in your report.

Part III: Local sources of air pollutants


This link has Google earth files for pollution sources.

Select only two (2) of the six (6) major air pollutants.

Open each of their google earth files and examine the sources of pollutants in the region you live.

List two (2) facilities or industrial operations that are major sources of the pollutant you selected in your area.

Where is the site located?

What does it produce?

How many tons of each pollutant was it responsible for?

You may include screen shots of graphics for each facility.

Part IV: Reports on the status of our air


Focusing on the highlights, briefly summarize the findings.

Part V: Trends


Select two (2) pollutants to explore and describe which pollutants you chose.

Note what trends you notice in terms of geography and changes over time.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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