Nickel and Dimed argumentative essay

Nickel and Dimed argumentative essay

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In a three-page (typed) essay, please provide a response to the topic below. You must compose your analysis in an argument essay format (i.e. third person voice, developed introduction, position thesis located at the end of the introduction, developed supporting points, counterarguments, transitions, original insight, evidence/support, quoted references to the text, a developed conclusion and proper grammar usage).


Question: Is Barbara Ehrenreich’s argument about low-wage workers/low-wage employment a good and effective argument?

Analyze and evaluate the strengths and/or weaknesses of Barbara Ehrenreich’s argument about low-wage workers/low-wage employment that she presents in Nickel and Dimed. Does Ehrenreich present a sound argument? How does she frame her argument? What is her viewpoint? Is her argument fair or biased? Please explain. If there are any biases, do they distract from the overall argument? Does she provide adequate factual evidence to support her claims? Hint: Examine the footnotes. Examine her use of observation/testimonials? Are her observations of others and their testimonials objective or manipulative? Are there any inferences, assumptions, hidden assumptions, and value assumptions in Ehrenreich’s argument? Does her argument contain any fallacies? If so, you need to identify them and explain how her reasoning is fallacious.

These questions are to guide and shape your evaluation of Nickel and Dimed. So, do not just respond the the questions in the order that I presented them. You are to construct your essay around these questions. Depending on your argument, your essay may not have to answer all of the questions.

Important Note:

Please understand that you are not presenting your opinion on low-wage employment/low-wage worker, but instead you are to present an argument that evaluates the effectiveness of Ehrenreich’s argument. In addition, you must use the critical thinking vocabulary to identify and analyze the different elements of critical thinking that pertain to this text

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