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Discipline Biology

Assignment type : Essay 


Topic 7: Nanohealers

Bioterrorism and other bioethical issues of using nanoparticles for diagnostic or therapeutic uses in humans

Please check the rubric attached to the assignment for grading details.

Here is a list of points that should be included in your write up:

– Describe the bioethical issue in detail and what type of organisms are involved in these issues

– Why is this a bioethical issue, what are the repercussions of this for humans, the environment and other organisms we share the planet with

– Do you support or refute the issue and why so. You could take a neutral view if that is what you believe

– Do you see a solution or a way around this, so it isn’t an ethical issue anymore?

– Your writeup should be well researched. Please provide references for any facts you state or information you use. Acceptable references are: scientific or news articles, books etc. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source

– Your article should be written in a cohesive format, not a bullet points

No copy pasting or paraphrasing. Please write your views in your own words.

Format MLA

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