motivation for college student

motivation for college student

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Assigned primary research topic: the impact of motivation on community college students’ GPA (You won’t get any credit if you choose a different project.)

Generally, it is hard for a research project, especially one on a limited scale, to provide any meaningful results and insight into the correlation between more than one factor and their impacts. Such an attempt often ends up only scratching the surface. Therefore, a lot of research projects choose to investigate one factor and its correlation with another or several others.

For example, many factors cause lung cancer, but a typical medical research project only attempts to test one factor at a time, such as smoking and lung cancer, air pollution and lung cancer, genes and lung cancer.

There are various factors affecting a student’s GPA, but this paper will only attempt to verify one factor, motivation. To take an in-depth look into the role of motivation, it is necessary to break the term into subcategories such as the following:

– Self-motivation

– Parental motivation

– Peer motivation

– Mentor motivation

Motivation can have various impacts on a student’s academic performance: attendance, homework submission, class participation, GPA, etc. Again, this project will only intend to test the impact of motivation on GPA. Otherwise, the task of attempting to examine the relationships between multiple types of motivation and various impacts will be two daunting for your research.

For a start, you need to conduct library research and find articles from academic sources – both online databases and hard copy books/journals – regarding the following: community college students’ challenges, their academic achievements, their motivation (both intrinsic and extrinsic) Your library research needs to establish the rationale for such a primary research project by presenting such factors as the following:

  • The study will benefit many people, for example, educators and students in the case of this project. Elaborate on how.
  • There is a shortage of such a study. (The criterion about the shortage of data can be challenging because there is rarely any general topic that has not been researched. If this is the case, you can point out the fact that even though lots of studies have been conducted about the general topic, there is little research about the specific topic you choose. For example, teenage pregnancy is a general topic, but teenage pregnancy around Greater Boston is a narrowed-down topic, which will warrant some investigation. )

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