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Mission Project

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Part 1: You will write a 1250 – 1500 word narrative describing the trip. This is a report, written in GCU style. You will need a minimum of three scholarly resources (see the resource list below for ideas) and needs to address the following areas:

  1. An overview of your purpose for the project: Where are going, and what service will you be providing? Remember, evangelism cannot be the sole purpose of your trip.
  2. Cultural and social aspects of the country and its population that led you to choose this area of the world.
  3. How your choice of project works toward fulfillment of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic ideal to love your neighbor as yourself: How does your personal worldview and the possible worldviews of your target population influence your plans for the trip?
  4. Information about your target population: Who are you planning to serve? How does this population compare to the population of the country as a whole? You will also need to make a projection about the target population in 5 years. The World Factbook provides population growth data to help you here. See the Tips and formulas section below for information about how to present this in your paper.
  5. Aspects of the country that make it a suitable location for your trip. In particular, include information about –
  6. The economic situation in your country and how your project will improve this.
  7. Possible concerns that you need to keep in mind to keep your team and your target population safe. This could be safety from violence or from health problems (for example, will your team need inoculations to travel to the country).

Part 2: A financial plan for your trip, which you will include in the provided Excel spreadsheet. Your financial plan needs to include the following information:

  1. A list of expenses for all members of your trip. This must include the following:
  2. Travel expenses, such as plane or bus fare, passports/visas, local travel within the country. Plane fare can be in U.S. dollars, but the local travel will need to be in the local currency of the country you visit.
  3. Lodging expenses. If you plan to camp, you will include expenses for your camping gear. If you are planning to stay with a host church or host family, you should research the cost of lodging in your target area and provide a per diem donation that is commensurate with the local lodging rates. This will be in the local currency.
  4. Food expenses while you are overseas. Again, if you are being fed by local residents, you will research the approximate cost to feed your group and provide a per diem donation to cover expenses. One way to do this is to research cost of living in your country to find out what a local family would expect to budget to pay for food. Again, these costs will be in the local currency.
  5. Supplies for your project. Provide at least four items that you will need to complete your project. Depending on the nature of your project, these might be in U.S. dollars, or in the local currency, or they may be a mix.
  6. For your expenses that are given in the local currency, a conversion to U.S. dollars.
  7. For each expense, you will use the CPI data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to calculate your estimated expense five years in the future.
  8. A grand total of all projected expenses five years from now.
  9. Funding sources for your trip.
  10. Sponsorship: You are going to assume that you can find a sponsor that can provide 30% of your grand total of all expenses for seed money, and you will invest that money in a savings account for the next five years. Research current savings rates and calculate what this amount will grow to over the next five years.
  11. Savings: Your team will work on various fundraisers to save for the trip, and you estimate that you can raise $100 a month every month over the next five years, which you will also put into a savings account. Using the savings rates you found in part a., calculate what these regular savings amounts will grow to over the next five years.
  12. Loan: If your sponsorship and savings totals do not cover your expenses, then you will need to take out a loan for the remainder of your expenses. Even if your sponsorship and savings total do cover all expenses, then you will take out a $10,000 loan for an additional emergency cushion. Research loan rates from two banks, and calculate the monthly payment, total that you pay back to the bank and total interest you will pay for each loan. You will indicate in the spreadsheet which of the two loans is a better choice for you and your reasons why.

Tonga is located off the south west portion of the Pacific Ocean with an area of 400,000 square kilometers and a population of 108,000 people with six major islands known as Tongatapu, Eua, Vava’u Lahi, Lifuka, Foa and Niuatoputapu. Tonga has a Polynesian monarchy that has hereditary nobles and landholders controlling the politics. Trade is important for Tonga as they rely heavily on foreign and overseas trade. The island of Tonga is facing a major climate change and major environmental issues which are resulting in exhaustion of fertility of soil, devastating amount of deforestation, water pollution and, forest degradation. The nation of Tonga is also prone to natural disasters such as cyclones, flooding, and droughts. Some of the primarily causes are population change and the economic change. With the population change you see an increasing number in population which has increased land usage. The economic change is due to commercialization, and high usage of land. For my mission trip I will be traveling to Tonga, Nuku’alofa where me and % others will be helping plant more trees and plants that were destroyed by deforestation due to population and economic change. We would need to accumulate for airfair cost, transportation, hotel, and any extra acommodations such as food and travel supplies. A good starter bugdet for the whole trip including the other 4 people that will be traveling with me as well looks like an estimated cost of $10,000 total. The price is subject to change. My goal for my mission trip is to help the deforesation and degradation problem in Tonga. Myself and 4others will be taking a 7 day mission trip to the city of Nuku’alofa the largest island in Tonga to build a greenhouse were we will be planting fruits, vegetables, and other variety of plants. We are looking to build the greenhouse in an area that has been effected the most by deforestation. We will also teach the islanders the benefits of recycling and how it can help the deforesation problem they are experiencing.

Supplies to bringing                     

-enviroment control system                      -gardening tools

-fans and ventalation ducting                   -gardening supplies (plants,fruit,vegatables, ect.)

-green house heater


-premium plastics and coverings

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