Media Analysis Assignment

Media Analysis Assignment

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Assignment type : Literature / Movie review


WGST 2100 Media Analysis Assignment (140 Points)

You asked for choices and I am happy to oblige!

This assignment asks you read one of the books or watch a TV series suggested for the course (suggestions below) and analyze aspects of the book or series related to two of the readings in the course text, Women’s Voices, Feminist Visions, as well as one other online source. Follow the guidelines below.

Due Dates:

Sunday, Sept. 17: Submit a brief statement to the Media Analysis dropbox letting Ms.Stephens know which book or series you choose. You can include other info, such as why your chose that work, any perceptions before you begin, etc.

Wednesday, Nov. 29: Media Analysis paper due in dropbox.

This assignment is due toward the end of the semester so that you have a good number of textbook readings to guide your analysis and to give you time to watch the series or read the book without a binge (which I did with The Handmaids Tale on Hulu).

  1. Format the document:

12 point, Times New Roman type style

1-inch margins all round

Double spaced throughout

Paginate in upper right of the header

Use the MLA heading and title format for the first page of a paper in MLA style: (

While quality is valued over quantity, I think this paper should be a minimum of 4 pages. (4-6 pages would be ideal,

but you may go over that limit without penalty).

  1. Analyze one aspect of the book or series you chose in terms of two articles from Shaw and Lee and at least one online source.

Identify and take notes on a main point in the book or series that interests or intrigues you, something that you have questions about, that you want to know more about, that you learned about, or that bothers you. I’ve suggested some possible topics below.

Identify two articles in Shaw and Lee that address your topic, and take notes from those articles that address the ideas that you are pursuing.

Identify one additional online resource that helps you answer your questions or develop your ideas, and take notes on this source. Do not use Wikipedia as a source for your analysis, although you can read it for your own enlightenment or to get ideas. Instead, look for a reliable, relevant source related to your topic of interest.

The following link provides suggestions on the writing process: (The topics on the left of the website provide more suggestions, such as developing a thesis.)

  1. Develop a thesis. Compose an analysis that states and develops your thesis, using support from Shaw and Lee and the online resource(s) that you employ.

Provide context and thesis or main point in the introductory paragraph

Organize and develop each paragraph based on the thesis and outline

Introduce each paragraph with a topic sentence that states the main point of the paragraph and develops an aspect of your thesis.

Conclude the analysis by referring to your thesis and summarizing or otherwise commenting on your conclusions.

Submit to the Dropbox by the due date. (140 points).

Format MLA

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