Loan Problem in CUNY college

Loan Problem in CUNY college

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Discipline English Language

Assignment type : Research Paper 


-MLA format: You must follow all MLA conventions.

-The paper should include a bibliography, listing the sources in alphabetical order.

-Papers must be 7-10 pages, double-spaced, and typed in a 12-point standard font (such as Times New Roman). Each page must have your name and page number in the upper-right-hand corner.

-The paper must have 5-7 relevant sources that show research skills. At least two sources should be from the CSI library (can be from the database). *No Wikipedia.

-Mechanics: The paper should include little to no errors in grammar or spelling that distracts the reader from the content.

-Organization: The paper must have a clear topic and thesis. Your paper should stay focused on your topic throughout the paper.

-Paragraphs: All paragraphs include introductory sentence, explanations or details, and concluding sentence.

-The paper must include direct quotations from your sources.

-The conclusion should be the final paragraph of the body of the research paper and should answer the thesis or should restate the thesis; it should make the paper sound finished.

-Include an outline, a draft and all prewriting materials with your paper.

Format MLA

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