Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Template

Name:Date of Lesson:
Content Area:Grade/Age:
Cooperating Teacher:

I. Topic of Lesson/Unit:

II. Goal/Objective/Purpose of Lesson:

III. Prerequisite Knowledge:

IV. Ohio Academic Content Standards, Common Core Standards, Extended Standards, or Early Learning Standards:


V. Individual Education Program information

IEP Goal(s)Benchmark(s)/ Objective(s)

VI. Resources/Materials/Technology:




VII. Instructional Activities/Procedures:

1. Review/background information and activities

2. Teaching/modeling (presentation of new information):

3. Guided practice

4. Independent practice

VIII. Accommodations/Differentiated Instruction/Assistive technology:

IX. Assessment/Evaluation:


X. Reflection:

[Type text] [Type text] [Type text]

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