Learning behavior

Learning behavior

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Discipline Psychology

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Here you will find journal articles related to class lecture that you can write an essay on and earn 2.5 points toward your final course grade. The due date is on the day of the final exam. Here are the requirements.

2 Articles

2 page Each for those 2 Articles (LOOK BEFORE YOU BID PLEASE)

1) Two page essay, double spaced, with 12 point Times New Roman Font, one inch margins. Have title, an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

2) Include your name, the course number and name, the day and date, and semester in the header.

3) There are many other aspects of learning and behavior, and related neural mechanisms noted in the articles that we did not get to cover in class. Summarize the article in YOUR OWN WORDS, and relate it back to what we are learning in class. Also, relate it to something in real-life. Many times we discuss research using animal models and then consider how it would translate to the human population. There needs to be some statement of this. You may also propose your own hypotheses and ideas on what you would like to test in an experiment if you wish.

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