Are law enforcement officers cameras an invasion of privacy?

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Criminal justice


Are law enforcement officers cameras an invasion of privacy?

Focus: Write an argument essay that addresses both sides of an assigned topic then assert a claim. Word Count: 1500-2000 words Format: MLA 8 format (include both in-text citations and a Works Cited). *Essays that do not include both in-text citations and a Works Cite will receive a zero. Point of View: Third person point of view is required (avoid first and second person) Outside Research: Cite 4-5 sources found on the SC4 databases. One additional online source (website) may also be cited. Submission Guidelines: Submit the essay and sources as an attachment. Save file as .doc, .docx, or .rtf. Upload the completed essay and Works Cited as one attachment. Attach all SC4 database articles (minimum of four articles). These articles may be attached as one file or four separate files. The SC4 Database website is **Remember to highlight any quotes or information summarized or paraphrased in your paper. •Develop two points to support the EACH side of the argument. (More than one paragraph may be needed to discuss each key point.) After choosing key points for your essay, select appropriate evidence to support your points. (SC4 Databases REQUIRED, though you may include ONE additional online source (website) if you wish.) Search the SC4 Databases for a minimum of ONE supporting source for each key point. In other words, you will have a total of at least FOUR database sources cited in your paper and listed on your Works Cited. When you locate a suitable database source for your paper, save the source as a Word or PDF document. (This is important, as you are REQUIRED to submit these articles with your essay.) On the saved copy, highlight any summaries, paraphrases, or quotes used in your paper. Remember, any information you’ve cited in your paper from these sources is information you learned from your research; therefore, it must be cited in proper MLA 8 format. This means an in-text citation must follow this information, and you must include the proper entry on the Works Cited. Using the information gathered from your sources, write an essay that addresses both sides of the argument and asserts a claim. The goal of this essay is to convince readers; thus you will present both sides of the argument then assert a claim to essentially explain your stance on the subject. Additional Essay Guidelines •Essay must be written in MLA 8 format and include both in-text citations and Works Cited. Works Cited does not count towards minimum page length/word count requirement. •Essay must cite 4-5 sources from SC4 databases. •A maximum of ONE additional credible online source (website) may be cited in addition to the required minimum number of required database sources. •Sources must be relatively current. No sources before 2008 are acceptable.

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