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Discipline Law

Assignment type : Essay


Choose one of the following interviews with prominent thinkers or activists:

Interview with Catharine MacKinnon, ‘Are Women Human?’

Accessible via:


Interview with Michael Mansfield QC, ‘What’s Wrong with Rights’

Accessible via:


Interview with Barak Obama, ‘We Are Not Cured: Obama Discussed Racism in America with Marc Maron’

Accessible via:


Interview with Lord Bingham, On the Rule of Law (for the British Institute of International & Comparative Law)

Accessible via:


Interview with Tony Benn, ‘Our Loss to Thatcher was a Surrender Rather than a Defeat’

Accessible via:


Interview with Gina Miller (Brexit), ‘The Dishonesty Still Goes On. That’s What I Abhor’

Accessible via :


Interview with Nigel Farage, ‘Nigel Farage Grilled by Andrew Neil on Brexit’

Accessible via:


Interview with Noam Chomsky, ‘On Trump & the State of the Union’

Accessible via :

Interview with Chrissy Chambers, ‘Revenge Porn Victim Chrissy Chambers says Law ‘Needs Strengthening’’

Accessible via:


Interview with Rowan Williams (former Archbishop of Canterbury)

Accessible via:


Or you may prefer to choose an interview of your own from the many available via another official or reputable news agency website.


Apply your approved topic* to the ideas and arguments raised in your chosen interview. Being as specific as possible, what connections, influences, contradictions or insights emerge?

NB You may provide some discussion of your chosen interview and briefly refer to its contents to illustrate your points, though the focus of your essay must be jurisprudential.

*Approved topic means the jurisprudential topic you have chosen from the approved list.

Notes of guidance for students:

You MUST specify your approved jurisprudential topic and case at the start of your essay.

This essay is your opportunity to demonstrate your general understanding of your approved jurisprudential topic and to show that you are able to apply it to current issues in understanding the nature of law. The focus of the essay should thus be your approved topic.

You will need to demonstrate knowledge of important and original sources in your approved jurisprudential topic. Make sure that everything is fully referenced with proper citations. See the link to OSCOLA in the links section of the eLP site.

References to other jurisprudential or legal examples should be from the point of view of your approved jurisprudential topic. If other disciplines are relevant, such as sociology, psychology, economics, etc, indicate principles without full treatment, although cite references where possible. You must concentrate on the jurisprudence.

Work hard at your style. Note in particular from your reading the way different writers present ideas in jurisprudence, e.g. in journal articles. Seek clarity of expression.

Your attention is drawn to the regulations governing plagiarism set out in the programme handbook. It is your responsibility to ensure that any material you incorporate from your research is properly referenced. Useful links are included in the ‘links’ section of the jurisprudence eLP site.

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