International organizations

International organizations

Format MLA

Volume of 13 pages (3575 words)
Assignment type : Research Paper

For this assignment, you are required to write a research paper on an issue in contemporary international organization that is of interest to you. To assist in your research efforts, you are provided with a suggested list of topics and an outline of the format of the research paper.

In selecting a contemporary topic for research, students may select one or a combination of the following which roughly correspond to topics/issues discussed in the course:
• Peace and Security
• Human Rights
• Humanitarian Assistance, Humanitarian law, Humanitarian Intervention
• International Monetary, Financial and Trade relations
• Development & Sustainable Development

All topics must meet the following criteria:
a) It must be a contemporary international issue; b) it must reflect one or more of the central themes of the course. If a student wishes to write on a topic not listed above, she or he must obtain the approval of the instructor or tutor.

II. RESEARCH FORMAT (Read ‘Hints on Writing a Good Essay’ for more details)

All research papers must follow the format provided below.

1) The paper should begin with an introduction that summarizes the research question, objectives, and central thesis you developed in your research proposal.

2) Your essay should have a main body that develops your central thesis to achieve your research objectives.

3) The paper should conclude with: a) a brief summary of the major findings; and b) an assessment of the implications/significance of the findings for the topic you have chosen.

1) The essay is due by the end of week 12.
2) Length: 3,500 words
3) Essays should be typed, double-spaced, with foot/end notes and a bibliography of all works cited directly and indirectly.

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