International Human Resource Management – Job Satisfaction: The Two-Factor-Theory (Frederick Herzberg, 1959/1966)

International Human Resource Management – Job Satisfaction: The Two-Factor-Theory (Frederick Herzberg, 1959/1966)
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Pls. be aware that in the online campus the title in front of the colon only specifies the respective section in the course (where you also can find slides for orientation). The real topic is behind the colon. Whichever topic you choose pls. don’t forget the overall theme of the course: Human Resource Management. 

The assignment has to be written in the defined size ofa pp.2500-3000words of content (main part). If the assignment content is longer than that pls. be aware that the grade might be negatively influenced! 

You are allowed to provide your own opinion/experience and to use real-life examples and cases however make sure that anything stated is notified as either your own opinion or quoted/referenced (especially if it comes to fact statements, statistics, illustrations etc. make sure you can prove or show reference). 

ITM-Checklist: The so-called ITM-Checklist is an essential part of the assignment and will therefore influence the assessment, pls. apply some diligence to that as well. The checklist format itself is not mandatory however all the stated elements (with the exception of HR) have to be considered so that you show that you’ve understood the concept of integrated total management (the holistic view). Pls. fill it in, using the most recent version, and attach it to your assignment as an appendix! The Checklist is attached. Please let me know if you have further questions.

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