Information system paper INFO 101 Milestone 1

Information system paper

INFO 101 Milestone 1


Hi everybody, how are you?


Here is your first homework assignment for INFO 108. It is due Tuesday, October 10. This is an individual assignment. All academic integrity rules will apply. This must be your own work.


Choose an IT related topic for your scholarly paper. You have seen what we will be discussing each week of the class. Your assignments will be to write a chapter related to this topic for each of our course subjects. You will be working with this topic all quarter, so be sure that it is something that interests you. Bear in mind in choosing the topic, that it must be broad enough for you to write a chapter related to it for each of our course subjects, and deep enough that what you write is significant and meaningful. An example topic would be something I find very fascinating: the way that our industry has moved in circles in the past forty years. Another example topic could be the role of women in computing.


When you have chosen a topic, write an outline for your scholarly paper. This should be detailed enough that by writing it you are able to convince yourself that it is an appropriately sized topic of great enough interest that you can and want to spend your quarter writing about it.


The Week 1 chapter of the paper should contain a problem statement, which describes the topic you are planning to research, why it is of interest to you and what greater importance you can ascribe to it, if any. This chapter should also include your outline, consisting of a few sentences about how you would address the topic in each week’s chapter. Besides the required elements, the paper will be graded according to the rubric below:


Rubric for Scholarly Paper


Originality: I want this to be your own thoughts, your own analysis.


100% (Without it, grade will be 0)


Required topics




Presentation: Spelling, Grammar, Flow, Punctuation




Added Value: Personal anecdotes, theories, interpretations




Submit your paper to the Turnitin link in the appropriate week. The paper must be saved in a Microsoft Word, RTF or Adobe PDF format. The name of the file must be formatted a specific way: FirstInitialLastNameMilestoneX. So, my first milestone submittal would be a file named “mKinkelaMilestone1.docx”. This format is mandatory and there is a good reason for it. Here is a sample of what a Turnitin download looks like: 837828603-41817.201645_61215806_6349133_Foss_assignment.doc. I am constantly shocked at how often students will also neglect to put their name of the INSIDE of the paper! Researching Learn to figure out who submitted a given file is a time-consuming nightmare. Therefore, there will be a deduction for anyone who fails to follow these simple instructions.


Some additional suggestions for having some fun with this assignment and succeeding at it:


1) Work on it as an ongoing project. Do something on it every day. Do not try to write the whole milestone out the day before it is due. If you have chosen a topic that truly interests you, this won’t be a hard suggestion to follow.


2) Make sure that you ask questions early and often. Don’t wait until the last day before the paper is due to figure out that you don’t know what to do.


3) If you have any difficulties with the English language, or with understanding how to write properly in terms of grammar, punctuation and flow, Drexel offers many services to help you. Take advantage of them.


4) Spell check!


5) Before submitting a paper, read it out loud. You will find that errors and problems with grammar and flow will often jump out at you when you do this, in a way they won’t when you just read the paper silently.


Be sure to let me know if you need any help getting started with this assignment. This is going to be your quarter’s work, so a good start is imperative. And again, remember to have some fun with this assignment!


Talk to you soon,


Dr. Mo

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