Information system paper

Information system paper

What the Assignment Was:


Choose an IT related topic for your scholarly paper.  You have seen what we will be discussing each week of the class.  Your assignments will be to write a chapter related to this topic for each of our course subjects.  You will be working with this topic all quarter, so be sure that it is something that interests you.  Bear in mind in choosing the topic, that it must be broad enough for you to write a chapter related to it for each of our course subjects, and deep enough that what you write is significant and meaningful. …


For each chapter you need to begin with a thesis statement which ties the chapter topic to the IT topic which you selected in your proposal. This should be about three sentences. This should be followed by three paragraphs each of which takes one of the sub-topics from the course materials for the week and explains how your IT topic specifically relates it. Here it is appropriate to provide citations to articles or web links about your specific topic. It is very important that you make a connection which ties to the chapter material rather than the course as a whole. In writing your final paper many of these paragraphs will be expanded, so I do not expect that your milestones will constitute the complete argument of your paper. (I will have no objection if you run longer than three paragraphs.)


Rubric for Scholarly Paper


Originality:  I want this to be your own thoughts, your own analysis.


100% (Without it, grade will be 0)


Required topics




Presentation:  Spelling, Grammar, Flow, Punctuation




Added Value:  Personal anecdotes, theories, interpretations






Required Topics


You will be graded on the contents of the paper.  You need the following:


1)      An Abstract, which is just a short summary of what you are writing in the paper.


2)      A Table of Contents.


3)      A Problem Statement, which you have already written.  You just need to clean it up, and put any finishing touches on it.


4)      Your ten chapters.


5)      A Conclusion, which is just a closing discussion of what you got out of writing the paper, and of what conclusions you came to as a result of your research.


6)      A References Section, which lists the references associated with your citations.




You will be graded on the readability and literate nature of the paper.  This includes spelling, grammar, and the way that the words flow.  You don’t want your paper to jangle on your readers’ nerves, and it is hard to convince people that you know what you are talking about if your paper is full of typos and spelling and grammar problems.  These things really are important.  Here is one of the most important things you can do to assure good flow:  Read the paper OUT LOUD before submitting it.  Errors and problems with flow will jump out at you when you read it out loud in ways that they will not if you just read it silently.  Use the spelling/grammar checker.  You don’t have to take all of the suggestions that it will make as to wording, but it will help with spelling and sometimes the suggestions help.


As far as format, I don’t have a preference for which convention you choose, as long as you are consistent with it.  If you have any questions about writing format, be sure to let me know.




Added Value:


Your personal anecdotes, theories, and interpretations of the material you have researched add value to the paper.  Although some scholarly papers tend to restrict personal interpretations, I want to see yours.  I want to know what your experience was with the material and with the project.

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