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Discipline English Language

Assignment type : Research Paper


The purpose of this paper is to persuade a specific audience to change beliefs, attitudes, or understanding about a particular ideology, event, situation, object, etc. You are to use sound reasoning, avoid logical and emotional fallacies, and present argument(s) in a non-confrontational manner. You should use logical claims and appeals to convince the audience to support your view, or at least, to re-examine their viewpoint. You should mention and refute the opposing views by providing evidence to support your views or beliefs.

  • Use MLA or APA format to set up your paper and cite your sources.
  • Make sure your thesis statement is strongly worded.
  • Make sure you have clear topic sentences for each paragraph.
  • Provide sufficient descriptive details and narration evidence to help your audience fully understand your topic.
  • Make sure you are writing in context and writing to a specific audience.
  • Organize your paper according to academic standards and structure.
  • Be sure to use standard, edited American English.
  • Proofread and revise before you submit your assignment.
  • Make sure your paper is research essay length.
  • Cite academic sources in support of your arguments throughout your essay.
  • Avoid plagiarism by providing accurate signal phrases and end citations in text.
  • Avoid plagiarism by providing an accurate works cited page.
  • Prepare a works cited page listing all of the sources you’re using in your paper.
  • Submit all of your Independent Study assignments 1-15. You can turn them in as hard copies during class or during your professor’s office hours, or you can submit them electronically to the Dropbox.
  • Submit your paper to your professor in the DROPBOX by the assigned due date and time.


most sources must be from JSCC.EDU LIBRARY DATABASE

nine sources maximum.

times new roman font, 12, double spaced

Format MLA

Academic Level: High School

Volume of 8 pages (2200 words)

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